HEKATE: When Tradition Meets Innovation
Posted by F. lli Lorenzi

Hekatè is a start-up based in the Province of Verona. They offer customised facial creams with active principles for men and women’s beauty as well as natural perfumes given to customers in elegant, personalised packages.

Fratelli Lorenzi will be the Hekatè Point exclusively for Milan.

You will be able to choose every single ingredient to “build up” the cream you desire. In addition, you may have the best advice for your own personalized cream after being given a specific DNA test (executed by a specialized laboratory) aimed at finding out the chemical characteristics of your skin! Fratelli Lorenzi of Corso di Porta Romana 1 in Milan, a family business working in Milan since 1919, continue the series of meetings with a number of Italian brands and artisans providing special products.

“Hekatè: the first custom made facial cream created especially for you” offers more than one million possible combinations. Hekatè, supported by their cosmetologists, elaborates a personalised formulation and produces in-house cosmetics especially conceived to effectively meet everybody’s single need.

Fratelli Lorenzi will be the Hekatè Point exclusively for Milan, that is the physical point where you can order and get your products (of course you can order them through the Hekatè website, too). So Hekatè joins the other skin and shaving brands available at Fratelli Lorenzi’s: Creed, Paglieri, Taylor, Trumper, AccaKappa and Koh-I-Noor.