Blades pointed towards the sky
Posted by F. lli Lorenzi

On 4th April at 19.00, on the occasion of the famous furniture yearly event in Milan named “Salone del Mobile”, Fratelli Lorenzi hosts a solo-show of the photographer Maurizio Montagna.

“Some time ago, during a visit at the old Olivari, a company manufacturing handles, I was shown a steel handle designed by Gio Ponti, called “La lama” (The Blade). It was sufficient to incline that object at 90% and observe it in the backlight to comprehend the shape accuracy of one of the most important building of 20th century architecture: the Pirelli skyscraper”. Maurizio Montagna.

The famous skyscraper of Milan was the first one of the many towers I have interpreted through photography in the city of Milan. My objective, far from being a mere documentation analysis or a simple architectural description of the building itself, was that of highlighting the skyscrapers as much as possible, trying to make them stand out from their context and from their close urban environment.

I have photographed them with special cameras, because I was eager to transfigure them, to immortalize them from a very close perspective, which is impossible with traditional photo equipment. It is a sort of personal interpretation that involves my imagination, my art language and the capacity of conveying a different idea of reality. In this way, a photo acquires a true descriptive power.

The project “Torri Milano 2014-2017” is an artwork that is not intended to represent a city objectively like the masters who have preceded me already did extensively and beautifully (see for example P. Monti, G. Basilico, G. Chiaramonte, to name just a few). Creating photos of skyscrapers means challenging your sight, it’s a way to transfer into photography a subject out of scale, and to newly interpret old buildings in a contemporary image; in short, it is a photographic translation of visionary projects that have influenced architecture from early 20th century up to today.

The photographs will be showcased inside the shop throughout April and the artist will be present at F.lli Lorenzi’s to comment on his works in the following evenings:

4th and 8th April from 19 to 21,

13th and 19th April from 17 to 19