Point 2: San Giovanni in Conca
Posted by F. lli Lorenzi

Address: Piazza Missori at the corner of Via Albricci

Piazza Missori maintains an interesting fragment of Medieval History. Good-humouredly called by the Milanese inhabitants “decayed tooth”, meaning what remains of the abse of San Giovanni church.


The church can be dated back to 13th century whereas the crypt, whose access is only possible through a modern stairs, was built in 11th century. The story of this place is linked to Bernabò Visconti, who was the master of the city together with his brother Galeazzo II. Bernabò had a passion for dogs. In fact his castle was named Cà dei Can (Dogs’ House). Rumour has it that he particularly loved mastiffs and that he owned more than 5,000; he wanted the population to take care of them and he used to punish those who failed to feed the animals properly.

Source: Milano passo a passo, Hoepli, Decapoa, Collarin, Scilipoti.